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Circus Bookazine Launch and London Blog Slam

Circus, the bloggers' bookazine issue numburo uno focuses on fashion, but the focus of the bloggers in their promotional spectacular blog off was not so focused.

Written by Jenny Robins

the crowd at circus bookazine blog slam
The crowd at circus bookazine blog slam, minimalist cake catering, Asahi etc. the awesome tights belong to Muireann Carey-Campbell of Bangs and a Bun.

Amelia judged and I sketched history in the making at the Rag Factory last week. Well, almost: the first event was in Germany the week before so this was not an actual first. The concept I'm sure already has your mind a-boggling. I'm allways fascinated by how random little scenes and pockets of interlapping creativity and culture come together in these sorts of things. Circus explore the rich territory between print and web, passion and fashion and er, people and other people. I'll talk more about the beautiful bookazine itself a bit later.

The competing bloggers were somewhat of a motley crew, in that the content was a little inconsistently weighted, a lot of fashion and two examples of male dating based humour blogging, a genre of which I was… read more

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