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Circus Bookazine Launch and London Blog Slam

Circus, the bloggers' bookazine issue numburo uno focuses on fashion, but the focus of the bloggers in their promotional spectacular blog off was not so focused.

Written by Jenny Robins

the crowd at circus bookazine blog slam
The crowd at circus bookazine blog slam, minimalist cake catering, Asahi etc. the awesome tights belong to Muireann Carey-Campbell of Bangs and a Bun.

Amelia judged and I sketched history in the making at the Rag Factory last week. Well, almost: the first event was in Germany the week before so this was not an actual first. The concept I'm sure already has your mind a-boggling. I'm allways fascinated by how random little scenes and pockets of interlapping creativity and culture come together in these sorts of things. Circus explore the rich territory between print and web, passion and fashion and er, people and other people. I'll talk more about the beautiful bookazine itself a bit later.

The competing bloggers were somewhat of a motley crew, in that the content was a little inconsistently weighted, a lot of fashion and two examples of male dating based humour blogging, a genre of which I was… read more

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The NailGirls spa salon in Islington Spring/Summer 2010 nail polish launch event.

NailGirls is run by two lovely North London sisters, Lynda-Louise and Joanna Turrell. They've just celebrated their first year anniversary, and invited lots of beauty bloggers to their press launch.

Written by Amelia Gregory

I’m not really a high maintenance kind of girl, but the older I get I am starting to think that maybe I should consider paying just a little bit more […]


Becky Barnicoat- Come In, Everyone is Here Already! Part 2

Last month, art editor Valerie Pezeron interviewed fellow comic book artist Becky Barnicoat. This is part 2 of the meeting between two link-minded lovers of graphic novels. Who said comics were not for chicks?

Written by Valerie Pezeron

Image courtesy Becky Barnicoat Valerie Pezeron: You mentioned previously that you did a project as a comic book at school. Do you think that if kids did that now, they […]


Becky Barnicoat- Come In, Everyone is Here Already!

Comic book artist Becky Barnicoat chats to art editor Valerie Pezeron about her calling to become a comics wiz

Written by Valerie Pezeron

© Becky Barnicoat Becky Barnicoat works as the commissioning editor on the Guardian Weekend magazine, but is also a cartoonist and currently works on a new comic about a musical […]


Gagging the Guardian – The truth is out, or is it?

The Trafigura twitter trend...

Written by Adam S

Today’s published Commons order papers contain a question to be answered by a minister later this week in Parliament. However the London solicitors Carter-Ruck, who specialise in suing the media […]

Misako Mimoko: Girl and Dolls

Craft, Interview

Written by Alice Watson

I have a new happy place. Sometimes when I find these rare serene pools of magic and inspiration my selfish streak comes through and I want to keep them to […]


Andrew Losowsky

Written by Lucy Jones

As Amelia’s Magazine draws to a close with the final issue 10 ready to buy and focus moving to the website, Amelia has given an end-of-amelias-interview to Andrew Losowsky on […]


Creauremag Festival Edition

Written by Charles Drakeford

Creaturemag sets out to bring together artists from all around the world, and produce an online publication, which works as one big collaboration. Being the arty literate types that they […]