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Lammas Low Impact Courses and Conferences

The pioneering sustainable self-build community takes its visitors back to the land in West Wales

Written by Amy Hughes

Lammas Low Impact Aurelia Lange
Illustration by Aurelia Lange

Wales – the land of soaring song, viagra turf-churning scrums and cunning cross-dressing rioters – is today at the forefront of sustainable, information pills ecological development. In 2009 the Welsh Assembly Government announced a national sustainable development scheme, buy One Wales: One Planet, which led last year to Technical Advice Note (TAN) 6: One Planet Development. The objective of the One Planet Development policy is truly laudable: for Wales to be using only its fair and sustainable share of the earth’s resources – which was measured in 2003 at… read more

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It’s National Wool Week!

The Campaign for Wool and Prince Charles join forces to promote this fashionable, durable and sustainable material in style…

Written by Nick Bain

Illustration by Gareth A Hopkins Illustration by Danielle Andrews London is phenomenal, story a vast ever evolving metropolis where nothing stays still and sleep is for the dead. As much […]


Food Inc – film review

The 12th of February sees the release of Food Inc. in the UK, a new documentary that shatters our assumptions on global food production. Contributors Joanna Van Den Driessche and Dominika Jarosz were at the preview....

Written by Joanna Van Den Driessche ('Food Inc' review) // Zofia Walczak ('Our Daily Bread' and 'We Feed The World' review)

Image courtesy of Food Inc. It is natural to assume that the people in charge of food standards and the people making the food would have your best interests at […]


Tambogrande: Mangos, Murder, Mining – film review

A review of this multi award-winning Peruvian documentary ahead of a new screening in London...

Written by Zofia Walczak

Illustration by Vanessa Morris Planting trees is EXHILERATING! So so underrated. Last Saturday I was gardening for the first time in my life at the Community Orchards project, store more […]