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Trash Fashion Exhibition at the Science Museum

A small exhibition with a big message: Trash Fashion explores the possibilities in how technology can work with nature in designing out waste & the ever-destructive culture of cheap high street fashion.

Written by Georgia Takacs

Marie Anne Lynch, more about illustrated by Antonia Parker

This week the London College of Fashion exhibits work from eight of its 2011 MA fashion courses, stomach from photography to footwear. Housed in Victoria House on Bloomsbury Square, where the ON|OFF catwalk shows take place during London Fashion Week, it’s open to the public until 9th February. I went to the opening to see if I could spy some fashion stars in the making.

If you visit, be careful not to walk straight past the main event on the way to the basement – the clothing from the Fashion Design Technology MA is in the foyer on the ground floor. The well-deserved winner of Collection of the Year was Matteo… read more

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irkafirka illustrated tweets: Nick Hilditch explains

Welcome to the world of the randomly illustrated tweet... I decided to delve more deeply into the collaborative work of illustrator Nick Hilditch and curator Chris Bell.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Intrigued by a side project by one of our contributors, viagra dosage ed I decided to get to the bottom of this irkafirka business… irkafirka: illustrated tweets. “Anything you say […]

An interview with photographer Laura Ward

Fly-on-the-wall documentary shots, dreamy landscapes and playful double-exposure snaps - South London photographer Laura Ward has an awe-inspiring portfolio. She talks to us about her collaborations, and why she always tries to push past the comfort zone.

Written by Jessica Furseth

Herbfarmacy by Antonia Parker. We discovered Herbfarmacy in issue 9 of Amelia’s Magazine, buy more about unhealthy and the brand has grown considerably since we last caught up with founder […]

An interview with photographer Shannon Natasha

Playful and sunny, yet thoughtful – this is Shannon Natasha’s style. The 17 year old photographer takes a break from her exam preparations to answer our Q&A and show us some of her work.

Written by Jessica Furseth

Flying Lotus seems to be a man that can do no wrong at the moment. His latest album, ambulance Cosmogramma, viagra was met with resounding praise from critics across the […]

Colourful Coffins become a Happy Journey

A few of the illustrators that feature in Amelia's Anthology of Illustration have got together to set up an exciting new venture: the Happy Journey Collective. Read on to discover what you can do to get involved.

Written by Abigail Daker

Colourful Coffins Lesley Barnes Thereza Rowe Abigail Daker Colourful Coffins from Lesley Barnes, about it Thereza Rowe and Abigail Daker. A couple of weeks ago, pharmacy while playing around on […]