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irkafirka illustrated tweets: Nick Hilditch explains

Welcome to the world of the randomly illustrated tweet... I decided to delve more deeply into the collaborative work of illustrator Nick Hilditch and curator Chris Bell.

Written by Amelia Gregory

irkafirka manflu goblin

Intrigued by a side project by one of our contributors, viagra dosage ed I decided to get to the bottom of this irkafirka business...

irkafirka: illustrated tweets. "Anything you say may be taken down and coloured in." What a great idea, buy pilule how did the project start?
My old friend Chris challenged me to draw a Twitter-inspired doodle a day and post it. My initial reaction was “I don't have time for this” but the seed was planted, and I decided it wouldn't do any harm to try it once. The response was instant and we were both hooked.

irkafirka batman joker

Who is irkafirka and why the name?
irkafirkaread more

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Illustrators take on the Leaders’ Debate. Brown, Cameron and Clegg, watch out!

Whilst watching my twitter stream at the same time as the Leaders' Debate on TV last week I had a great idea: invite illustrators to come up with satirical images for the General Election, and then see if we can make them go viral.

Written by Amelia Gregory

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