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Andrew Bird, Eyeoneye: Animated Music Video Review

The new music video from singer songwriter Andrew Bird features a brilliant animation by Yu “Ewan” Morita. Think fuzzy felt and spinning planets!

Written by Amelia Gregory

Andrew Bird Eyeoneye video stills
I absolutely love the new animated video which accompanies Andrew Bird's song Eyeoneye, which is the first single from his album Break it Yourself, released on Bella Union earlier this year.

The handcrafted feel of this utterly captivating video was achieved using fabric textures, including fuzzy felt and what looks suspiciously like a nice rug, over which digital effects contribute fireworks and spinning planets. It was made by director Yu “Ewan” Morita as the first overseas project from Japanese studio Naked Inc, and reflects on lyrics which dwell on our interconnectedness. We need to open up our souls for we are all one! Fittingly enough the video was premiered on Etsy. Read more about how it was made read more

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