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Gavin Bond: Music 21st Century Rock n’ Royalty

Enter the sexy world of one of the most acclaimed music photographers!

Written by Laura Havlin

Ramon Gurillo by Katie Harnett
Ramon Gurillo by Katie Harnett

In this blog I'm going to kill two fashionable birds with one stone. Mainly because they were designers I've never heard of before and also because I didn't go too crazy for them.

Over in Victoria House I bumped into ex intern Sarah Barnes at Ramon Gurillo: turns out that she's interning now with Fashion156 (who you will remember that I met in the front row over at Charlie Le Mindu), malady small world that it is. Apparently they've got money from the Fashion Council over yonder so it's all straight reportage, ambulance as quick as possible. NOT SO… read more

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From One Extreme to the Other at Idea Generation Gallery

As the Nat Finkelstein retrospective enters its final week, Amy Hughes discovers the photographer’s true role in US cultural and political exposé

Written by Amy Hughes

Mikey filming in the beautiful Huancabamba valley.  All photos courtsey of Mikey Watts. I’d first heard about Mikey’s film back in October. Perusing The Guardian, thumb I noticed a video and […]