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Spectrals, Dreamy Rock and Roll: Music Review and Interview

Spectrals is all psychedelic surf sounds. Originating from a bedroom in Yorkshire, the music is brazen, fun and mostly about a girl.

Written by Helen Martin

Spectrals by Matilde Sazio

Louis Jones illustration by Matilde Sazio

Yorkshire right now is covered in snow. Its rocky walls, pill white capped, its sheep bleeting in the wind. “Bahhh”. Very picturesque, perfect for the nostalgic Victorian Christmas we’ve never seen. Hark! What’s that I can hear? Californian sounding guitar strumming, muffled notes, twinkly idealism? It’s like suddenly I’m on a balmy beach in the 60s with my good friends, Bruce and Summer. Splendid...splendid indeed. Who is this?

Spectrals Melanie Mac

Illustration by Melanie McPhail

It’s the Spectrals, a chap from Yorkshire called Louis Jones. Brought up on a collection of 60s and 70s soul, Motown and doo-wop, alongside elements of garage rock, he’s created an amalgamation of genres in his bedroom. Essentially I would say Jones’ music is… read more

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