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LFW 09 – Nasir Mazhar – The underbelly of London Fashion Week

The Vaults of Somerset House

Written by Elizabeth Johnson

A few months back, approved Amelia's Magazine was asked to produce a piece of artwork as part of a collaboration with the housing and homeless charity Shelter for their House of Cards campaign. The aim was to highlight the issue of Britain's housing problem; this year alone, healing 65, more about 000 people will lose their homes, joining the hundreds of thousands on the streets already. It became somewhat of an in-house event. Amelia's cousin Simon French, an animator at Framestore, created the hard hitting images of houses and buildings, flimsy as a pack of cards, fluttering away in the breeze. Created in association with the Leo Burnett Agency, all involved, including the directors Dom and Nic; Radiohead, who provided the soundtrack and read more

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