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The Laden Showroom: Not just another shopping website

If you pop into your browser right now, and you’ll find a teasing, anticipation building countdown clock. But on the 22nd of February this clock will transform into a brand spanking new e-tail store, the online arm of The laden showroom

Written by Rachael Millar


Valentines schmallentines. Yup, visit this more about that's what I normally think. But for some reason I'm in a good mood this year. Although that doesn't stop me grumbling about the excessive tat for sale in absolutely every shop I enter. Who the hell wants a light up musical plastic toad covered in hearts? Just one of the ridiculous landfill-bound items available on the groaning Valentine's Day display in one supermarket I visited.

But I was leaving my singing class last night when our teacher wished us all a Happy Valentines Day and I realised that this celebration of love has become a national event not unlike Christmas or Easter. How did that happen? But maybe it is a good thing… I shall explain.

Most of the time I have been on my own on Valentine's Day. As a teenager my first boyfriend (this is him now. EWWWWWWWWWW. Amazing what you can do with google! I swear he was a smooth looker… read more

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