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An interview with Terracotta Blue: talking new album Takoma Park

Meet Jay, the musical mastermind behind the mellifluous Terracotta Blue album Takoma Park. He's one talented man.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Healer by Terracotta Blue. Illustration by Geo Law.

From the enigmatic thump of Arcade to the Japanese inflected strings of Healer, murmuring beats of Lake Autumn and blissed out vocals of White Cloud, Terracotta Blue impresses with new album Takoma Park. Read on to find out more about the enigmatic Jay...


Who is Terracotta Blue, and what does the project encompass? I understand that Terracotta Blue is just one of 5 aliases - what else do you do?

I would say that Terracotta Blue is an outlet for my more melancholy, electro-inspired endeavours. And there’s absolutely no back story or special meaning to the name; I just thought it sounded cool! 

I dabble in all sorts of genres - essentially anything that has alot of samples, synths, and hard drums. Yes, I… read more

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Red Bull Music Academy: Steve Reich lecture Q&A from students

After he'd given a lecture to the students of the Red Bull Music Academy, Steve Reich took a series of questions from the floor; here are his answers. Illustration by Gemma Milly.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Illustration by Gemma Milly. Steve Reich gave a very inspiring lecture to the students of the 2010 Red Bull Music Academy (which you can read here). Afterwards he took a […]