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Becky Barnicoat- Come In, Everyone is Here Already! Part 2

Last month, art editor Valerie Pezeron interviewed fellow comic book artist Becky Barnicoat. This is part 2 of the meeting between two link-minded lovers of graphic novels. Who said comics were not for chicks?

Written by Valerie Pezeron

Happy-BirthdayImage courtesy Becky Barnicoat

Valerie Pezeron: You mentioned previously that you did a project as a comic book at school. Do you think that if kids did that now, visit web adiposity they would be better received…?
Becky Barnicoat: I doubt it in the school I went to, prescription decease but maybe in a school where you had an English teacher who was creative? It would probably be more in a state school I feel. I’ve got a really good friend who is an English teacher, page she does English media and film and she loves comic books and I’m sure if a… read more

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Becky Barnicoat- Come In, Everyone is Here Already!

Comic book artist Becky Barnicoat chats to art editor Valerie Pezeron about her calling to become a comics wiz

Written by Valerie Pezeron

© Becky Barnicoat Becky Barnicoat works as the commissioning editor on the Guardian Weekend magazine, purchase pharmacy but is also a cartoonist and currently works on a new comic about […]