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The Prince’s Drawing Clubs exhibition

See the next generation of artists and illustrators before anyone else, at the Prince's Drawing Clubs show in Shoreditch.

Written by Sonja Todd

princes drawing clubs portraits

Of all the art in Shoreditch, here's some you should definitely see. It's an exhibition of raw talent, and the work is done using the very basic method of drawing.

princes drawing clubs portrait

I say 'raw talent', but this exhibition shows what happens when talent is nurtured and directed. The four hundred drawings here were produced by children and teenagers in The Prince's Drawing Clubs, a network of free after-school classes in London and Glasgow for 10-18 year olds who show a passion or aptitude for drawing. So this is the first work you'll see by some of Britain's best young artists.

Much of the work here is impressive full stop. You find yourself thinking “that's really good”, rather than “that's really good for an eleven year old”.

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