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A Review of Kenneth Grange: Making Britain Modern at the Design Museum

Reflections and highlights from a retrospective Design Museum exhibition on Kenneth Grange’s extraordinary career, during which he designed some of Britain’s most iconic and beloved objects.

Written by Caitlin Sinclair

1. Kenneth Grange by Sophia O'Connor
Kenneth Grange exhibition by Sophia O'Connor.

Art galleries can sometimes make one feel a little ill at ease, whether it’s the worry that you will somehow damage the pristine white walls and gleaming floor tiles, or that you simply won’t understand the content of the exhibition, what it all means. Entering the Kenneth Grange exhibition at London’s Design Museum though, visitors looked instantly at home.

15. Kenneth Grange by Sarah Jayne
Kenneth Grange by Sarah Jayne Morris.

Mostly, this is because Kenneth Grange’s work is so recognisable that it puts people at ease. We are relieved to find things we know:… read more

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