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Happy Birthday Dr. Martens

The iconic footwear brand celebrates its 50th birthday by going back to its boots…

Written by Matt Bramford

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Biiiiiirthday Dr. Martens
Happy Birthday to you!

Today iconic footwear brand Dr. Martens celebrates its 50th birthday! From humble beginnings in Germany to global fashion brand, rx Dr. Martens' history is an illustrious one.

Originally developed as a replacement for World War II footwear which was deemed uncomfortable and restrictive, this the Dr. Martens boot was developed by its loving creator, cialis 40mg Klaus Märtens, in to what we know and love today. A pioneer of recycled materials, long before today's eco-friendly brands, Märtens used discarded rubber from Luftwaffe airfields to produce the boots.

Like David Hasselhoff, Dr. Martens boots were originally a hit with German housewives, and it was only in 1960 when the footwear brand was launched internationally that they became a… read more

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