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Squatting a school to reclaim it for the community

Community led action shaming the quick-fix money making council...

Written by Grace Beaumont

With our current fixation with everything 80s and 90s, tadalafil it’s easy to see why the 60s have become a little side-tracked, a little blasé, and so ‘a few’ years ago, when the shift dress silhouette was last in vogue. But what do we know, as a common consciousness, about the 60s anyway? Twiggy was hot, the Beatles were big and sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll were prevalent, right? But isn’t that a little bit one-dimensional and something we could have learnt from Austin Powers?

foale-and-tuffin-spotlightImage courtesy of Fashion & Textiles Museum

Fast forward to 2009 and to the Fashion and Textile Museum, who in their continual efforts to thrill and excite (as well as educate), are exhibiting a retrospective: read more

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Rumble in the Jumble

Jumble Sale, London

Written by Melodie Ash

Monday 16th. Name The Pet and Micron63 supply full-frontal, this remedy hard-hitting electro vogueing tunage at Madame Jojos in Soho, cialis 40mg London. Madame Jojo’s, Brewer Street, Soho, London. Name […]


Jumble Sale Listings


Written by Jennifer McNulty

Monday 12th Jan Starting today: The Voice and Nothing More is a week-long festival at the Slade Research Centre that explores the voice as both medium and subject matter in […]


Earth Listings

, 1st December 2008 - 7th December 2008

Written by Saven Chadha

If you try to describe this to someone (which you shouldn’t, this web sales don’t give anything away), doctor medications you will sound like you are conjuring from memory a […]