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Sustainable Housing: how can we save 80 per cent of our energy use in existing homes?

The answer does not lie in building flashy new eco-developments...

Written by Alan Gillingwater

housesIllustrations by Diana Boyle, visit this site Rooftop Illustrations

Over the last few months, generic the LSE has been putting on a series of events on sustainability and practice; offering not just a space for the discussion of ideas but how to translate those ideas into practical intent. Last week I went to a lecture by Anne Power, information pills a lecturer in housing and social exclusion at the LSE, as well as a one time member of the governments’ urban taskforce. Anne Power used her expertise to answer the question: ‘how can we save 80 per cent of our energy use in existing homes’? This is the governments’ target for energy use reduction in our buildings by 2020. Her approach was straight to the point, and why not? She felt she had the experience and knowledge to simply answer the question, so that’s what she did. I enjoyed this refreshingly bold approach where it soon became apparent that, with a little will power and government support, many of the… read more

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Cape Farewell – Creative Responses to Climate Change

Shift Encounters, a series of talks dealing with climate change and culture at the Southbank Centre in London, came to an end yesterday. Contributor Alan Gillingwater was there and gives his views on a talk on the role of architects in creative responses to climate change.

Written by Alan Gillingwater

Jared Schiller with David Byrne All photographs and videos courtesy of Tate Shots except where otherwise stated. Back in 2002 whilst still a skint student, cheapest I started what was […]