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Cape Farewell – Creative Responses to Climate Change

Shift Encounters, a series of talks dealing with climate change and culture at the Southbank Centre in London, came to an end yesterday. Contributor Alan Gillingwater was there and gives his views on a talk on the role of architects in creative responses to climate change.

Written by Alan Gillingwater


Jared Schiller with David Byrne

All photographs and videos courtesy of Tate Shots except where otherwise stated.

Back in 2002 whilst still a skint student, cheapest I started what was then my idea of a dream job: ticket seller at Tate Modern and Tate Britain. I got to see great art and even meet the odd artist or two. I remember Gustav Metzger insisting he paid to see Barnett Newman, and Tony Oursler successfully blagging a freebie to the Turner Prize. Bridget Riley even gave us a personal tour of her exhibition. Fast forward five years and I've landed a job… read more

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