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London Fashion Week S/S 2011 Catwalk Review: Louise Amstrup (again)

Desert inspiration, loose fits and soft shades define Louise Amstrup's S/S 2011 collection with illustrations by Kayleigh Bluck and Kellie Black

Written by Florence Massey

Louise Amstrup SS2011 photo by Amelia Gregory
Louise Amstrup by Stephanie Parr
Louise Amstrup by Stephanie Parr.

Now, stomach I was going to write something really nice about how underrated Louise Amstrup is… how she deserves wider recognition and a bigger audience. The clothes were understated but clever. I enjoyed the show.

And then, story whilst I was eating my tea last night I finally decided to go through the goodie bag, mind and discovered a big promotional catalogue for a fur brand. Missed the fur piece - this was the spring/summer collection for cripes sake, I wasn't looking for fur. Must have tuned it out but Louise sneaked one past me. So far so not particularly acceptable, but I have grown to accept that the odd bit of fur will creep into the collections of those who aren't bothered by its production or ethics. And inevitably its presence will have been sponsored, for what up and coming designer has the readies to splash on dead animals reincarnated as… read more

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