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Secret Garden Party 2010: Soul Fire Restaurant Review

Nestled inside three cosy yurts, the Soul Fire Restaurant was a unique Secret Garden Party dining experience that featured delicious ethically and locally sourced food.

Written by Amelia Gregory

SGP 2010- headdress by Amelia Gregory

On my rambles around festivals this year it has been hard to escape the omnipresence of floral head garlands on the ladies, more about and indeed worn by some of the more daring men… I recall a particularly dashing pair of matching flower topped bald male bonces espied through the crowd in the Cabaret Arena at Latitude. I'm sure they were straight.

At Glastonbury and Latitude these garlands were usually bought off the peg at a stall, tadalafil but Gardeners (as they are called) at Secret Garden Party were a little more inventive with their head gear. From decorated top hats to Indian feather headdresses to stuffed birds, viagra decorative headwear provided ample opportunity for experiment in colour, combination and height.

Here are some of the most inventive and appealing creations I saw at Secret Garden Party. Photography by Amelia Gregory.

SGP… <a href=read more

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