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Craftivism: The Art of Craft and Activism – an interview with Betsy Greer

Author and craftivist Betsy Greer talks about her new publication: Craftivism. Get inspired!

Written by Amelia Gregory

Betsy Greer was first to dream up the Craftivism moniker to describe the art of craft created for change and now she has come up with a bumper book detailing the many ways that people across the world have adopted this ideology. A must read for anyone interested in craft, activism and of course those who practice a combination of the two. I caught up with Betsy to find out how she got to here...

Craftivism_CarrieReichardt_PublicCommunityMosaic copy
Carrie Reichardt: Public Community Mosaic on the front of the Treatment Rooms, London, 2012. Photo: Mark Baser

When and where did you first start practicing craftivism and how did it evolve at the start into something so much bigger?
In 2002, I started thinking about the connections between craft and activism and wrote about them privately on various craft forums online and on Livejournal. Thanks largely to the support I got from others, I began writing publicly about it in 2003. As I had been talking about it to… read more

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Craftivism Direct Action against the Tar Sands: an interview with artist Lucy Sparrow

'Felt Impacts of the Tar Sand' was delivered to the Canada Europe Energy Summit at Canada House on Tuesday 19th November, a stark reminder of the destruction wrought by the extraction of oil from the Tar Sands.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Yesterday I was alerted to an inspiring direct action designed to draw attention to the ongoing destruction involved with the extraction of oil from the Tar Sands in Canada. Together […]

A Little Book of Craftivism: an interview with Sarah Corbett

Craftivist Sarah Corbett explains why 'a spoonful of craft helps the activism go down' in this pocket sized book: perfect for inspiring the activist crafter in your life.

Written by Amelia Gregory

For those not in the know can you summarise what Craftivism is about in a few sentences? Very simply, craftivism is activism that uses craft as the medium to get […]