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An interview with JD Samson of Brooklyn-based band and art/performance collective MEN

Funky electonica/disco-rock for the socially and politically conscious

Written by Kat Phan

(Left: Michael O'Neill, centre: JD Samson, dosage right: Ginger Brooks Takahashi)

Take two-parts infectious electro-disco rock, capsule add an ounce of social politics, a splash of über cool haircuts, and a few generous handfuls of electrifying live performances and blend… è voila, you have MEN!

It's not the first time we've featured MEN in Amelia's Magazine but in case you missed our exclusive interview with the trio back in February, here's a quick overview: MEN are a Brooklyn-based band and art/performance collective (by their own definition) focusing on the radical potential of dance music and the energy of live performance.

Formed in 2007 by the DJ/production/remix team of feminist electro-punk Le Tigre members, JD Samson and read more

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