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My Mum’s A Hippy: an interview with illustrator Monique Jivram

From textile art to illustration, Monique Jivram discusses her work with Amelia's Magazine

Written by Louisa Lee

British-Columbian artist and illustrator Monique Jivram sits down with Louisa Lee to discuss her work...

You have a background in textile art, illness when and how did you become more interested in illustration? I chose to study textile art as am drawn to sculpting, seek manipulating and working with soft fibres. Although I have an affinity for textiles, I think, like most artists’, sketching and drawing is the basis of what I do. I find sketching and drawing help me work through ideas and problem solving. When I recall a memory I find myself pulling images together and making a sort image collages in my head. As I think in pictures I find drawing the best way to express myself. Drawing helps me pattern make and link my ideas, I love it, when I draw I feel like my mind empties out and I’m somewhere else.

Who or what influences and inspires your work? I spend lots of time travelling through London on busses and trains and I started… read more

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