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Alternative Fashion Week 2010 at Spitalfields Market: a review of Day 2

My round up of the best (and most entertaining) fashion to come out of day two at Alternative Fashion Week, including Georgia Nash, Kimberley Startup, Hayley Trezise and Sample Remix.

Written by Amelia Gregory

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Alternative Fashion Week Spitalfields 2010

Alternative Fashion Week is a funny old beast, look one that I've been getting to know rather well over the past week. And really getting to become rather fond of. Every day I rock up at 1.15pm with no idea of what the day's catwalk show will bring. Generally I come skidding to a halt on my bike just as the stout lady with the microphone finishes giving her daily spiel to the audience, which is a funny old mixture of family, friends, industry pundits (apparently, though I didn't seen anybody I know) and interested city boys and labourers.

Alternative Fashion Week Spitalfields 2010

On Tuesday I was still a novice, so I asked the lady at the back with a clipboard if I could sit down - being as I was press and that's what it said on my ticket. "No." She told me bluntly. "Not if you haven't reserved a seat."… read more

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