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Alternative Fashion Week 2010 at Spitalfields Market: a review of Day 3

What were the best new designers on day three at Alternative Fashion Week? Read my run down here: including Havering College, Adel Andic, Mary Ratcliffe, Elisabeth Hamlyn, Am Statik and Maartje de Man.

Written by Amelia Gregory


One lovely spring day in March, website like this I found myself in the company of fellow Amelia’s Magazine writer Satu Fox (see her quilt here) on a trip to see the Victoria and Albert Museum's Quilts exhibition. I was excited and intrigued to see what form this exhibition to take – thinking as I travelled along the Piccadilly line through the swarms of excited tourists: how to display quilts? How to convey their memories and the time taken to craft them without overwhelming the audience with text? Fascinated by the process of recording oral history I was keen to experience history that had been stitched, adorned, tessellated, hung on walls and spread across beds.

It turns out the exhibition is simple in concept; quilts are laid on beds or hung upon walls, spilt into bite sized chunks of quilting history namely: Making a living, Meeting the Past, Virtue and Virtuosity,… read more

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Alternative Fashion Week day 2 thb

Alternative Fashion Week 2010 at Spitalfields Market: a review of Day 2

My round up of the best (and most entertaining) fashion to come out of day two at Alternative Fashion Week, including Georgia Nash, Kimberley Startup, Hayley Trezise and Sample Remix.

Written by Amelia Gregory

doves promo Alternative Fashion Week is a funny old beast, look one that I’ve been getting to know rather well over the past week. And really getting to become rather […]