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Hot Air Balloon: an interview with French for Cartridge

Meet contemporary composers and husband wife art pop duo French for Cartridge.

Written by Amelia Gregory

French for Cartridge by Antonia Parker

French for Cartridge by Antonia Parker.

French for Cartridge are an art pop duo who make melodic indie-pop when they step aside from their day jobs as contemporary composers. We love their unusual sound, which is accompanied by some beautiful imagery: they went to art college of course. Here's more about the husband wife team...

French for Cartridge

Can you tell us a bit more about your day job as contemporary composers?
As composers we work freelance on commissions. This usually means that there are a few projects on the horizon and various pieces to write - some are small-scale, some are for larger ensembles, for film or for theatre. If it's in the writing stage it means getting up in the morning and sitting down by the desk - if it's in the production stage, it means running around theatres and studios making things ready for a performance. It's… read more

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