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Review of album Dig Down Deep and interview with Vandaveer

The third album from Vandaveer sees Washington based Mark Charles Heidinger joined by Rose Guerin for a phenomenal musical experience that is steeped in old world wonder.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Vandaveer by Gemma Sheldrake
Vandaveer by Gemma Sheldrake.

Dig Down Deep opens the latest album from Vandaveer of the same name. It's a rousing ditty that traces the journey of a merry band of vagabonds as they traverse a snowy landscape. Well that's what happens in the brilliant video at any rate, this site on which Mark Charles Heidinger is joined by the delightful harmonies of Rose Guerin. Vandaveer is steeped in old world folk and southern roots, web but there's a driving beat that keeps this album moving forward no matter how keenly it looks to the past… pounding cello or sparse piano keys accompanying the duelling voices of Mark and Rose as they narrate stories of war and loss, love and life. I'd be hard pushed to pick out a favourite tune from this wonderful and emotionally rich album. Just buy it, okay? But first, here's a Q&A with the man behind it all: Mark Charles Heidinger.

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