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Wood Festival 2013 Review

This year Wood Festival returned after a year's break: with another stella musical line up and plenty for the family to make and do. Wonderful!

Written by Amelia Gregory

Wood Festival by Ben Rothery Illustrator
Wood Festival by Ben Rothery Illustrator.

This year I was soooo looking forward to camping with our baby Snarfle at Wood Festival, my favourite family friendly small music festival in the whole world.

Wood Festival 2013-review
Sadly it was not to be. The gremlin that is teething reared it's ugly head in dramatic fashion a few days before the festival, and I couldn't bear the thought of dealing with incessant nighttime screaming as our induction into camping as a family: not to mention how unfair it would be to everyone around us. You know that baby that keeps you up all night on a campsite? Yup, that would have been us. So we decided to cut our losses and drive up for a day of festival time on Saturday.

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