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Free Range Art & Design Show 2014: Best Photography Graduates

Photography graduates showcased their work at the Truman Brewery over two weeks during June 2014. Here's my pick of the bunch!

Written by Amelia Gregory

Andalucia by Sara Bertolasi

I always get a sense of déjà at the Free Range student photography shows, where similar themes and styles crop up year in year out. However there are always some stand out photographs which capture my attention, either because they have done something new, or because they have made great images regardless of technique or subject.

Free Range photography 2014-Sara Bertolasi 2
At Westminster University Sara Bertolasi showed a series of tree portraits shot in Andalucia, which are believed to contain the souls of fallen soldiers who died in the War of Alpujarras. Each tree has a very distinct personality of their own, which is reinforced by the simplicity of the land, tree and sky.

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