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London Fashion Week A/W 2011 Catwalk Review: Bernard Chandran (by Matt)

Bernard Chandran warmed our cold, damp hearts on day two of fashion week, with neons and feathers, at the Show Space - fabulously illustrated bu Lesley Barnes and Katie Walters!

Written by Matt Bramford

This screen print by Franz Vesolt accompanies the release of Wild Nothing's 'Evertide' EP.

Tell me the premise behind the idea of the Warmest Chord Record label.

The label was pretty much born out of a desire of wanting to collaborate, drugs create something from scratch, link and to offer up something a little different from the standard somewhat cold digital download. We wanted to play around with some ideas and explore other possibilities by adding a craft and handmade element into the mix of download releases. We felt it was only right to offset downloads with beautiful physical artwork that you can own, viagra admire, hang and create attachment and a visual counterpart to the music.

For the second release we introduced downloadable liner notes and also Warmest Chord 'Calling Cards' which are handpicked images from scrapbooks, old publications, vintage community magazines, old postcards etc. Each one is a one-off and… read more

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London Fashion Week A/W 2011 Catwalk Review: Jean Pierre Braganza (by Matt)

Jean Pierre Braganza took to the catwalk at a new venue: The Show Space, with his fashionable vision of the future. I LOVED this. With illustrations by Joana Faria and Krister Selin!

Written by Matt Bramford

After the safety of school, stuff facing the real world can make artists feel a bit lost – this is why the working artists at the Core Gallery started ‘DIY […]