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Until that day I love you anyway: drawings and writing by Harry Malt

Harry Malt’s exhibition, ‘Until that day I love you anyway: Tales from the bus stop’, fires up the imagination. This ‘monument to discovery, romance, ambition or lack of all three’ is showing now at the Print House Gallery in Dalston.

Written by Jessica Furseth

Susan Hiller-Tate-Britain
Ada Zanditon A/W 2011 sneak preview by Andrea Peterson. I asked a variety of illustrators to interpret one piece from the new collection... so read on to see what they did!

Ada Zanditon looks somewhat confused as I pile into her live/workspace at the same time as the morning influx of interns - maybe I'm a new, about it rather overgrown one? She is still in her pyjamas, recipe having recently emerged from the space beneath a cutting table that currently serves as her bed.

This season Ada will not be putting on a catwalk show; instead she will show a film presentation alongside the collection on mannequins. "What you can do on a catwalk is dictated by how big your budget is, ailment " she explains. "Lagerfield puts on amazing shows but the cost of production is huge. One reason why everyone loved McQueen was because he put on… read more

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