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What to do in Margate and Broadstairs (whilst wearing Chatham Marine Deck Shoes)

What to see in Margate and where to eat in Broadstairs: my advice on a windy October weekend. Whilst wearing a natty pair of pink deck shoes.

Written by Amelia Gregory

sparkle boat margate photography by Amelia Gregory
This weekend we went down to the seaside in Kent: my partner's dad lives in Ramsgate and when we go down to Thanet we always go for a pootle around Margate and Broadstairs.

sparkle boat margate photography by Amelia Gregory
Maria Nepomuceno margate photography by Amelia Gregory
In Margate American artist Alex Katz is showing Give Me Tomorrow at the Turner Contemporary, which has just the right amount of space to put on the perfectly sized exhibition for a sociable stroll with the family. He's not a painter I've heard of but I really enjoyed his… read more

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