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Haiku Salut: Japanese Poems Steal Brains

Perturbed druids! An anarchist village! Disney a capalla! Acclaimed folktronica trio Haiku Salut release a tour memoir like no other – a fully illustrated book of haikus.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Haiku Salut book_cover_1
Ian Watson is the manager of cult Derbyshire band Haiku Salut and they also happen to be signed to his label How Does It Feel To Be Loved? Ian has a very close relationship to the band and was the person who prompted them to make their new book Japanese Poems Steal Brains. Here he tells the tale...

'The first time I took Haiku Salut out for lunch, they pretty much ignored me for the whole of the meal. They were a week and a half into a tour with folk legends Lau and, unbeknownst to me, knee deep in a quest to write 100 haikus in 24 hours. My memory of that day is of these “three mute girls”, as they sometimes call themselves, with their heads down, scribbling frantically in notebooks or jabbing at the screens of their phones.
That evening, after a typically joyous and emotional show in a church in… read more

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