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Westfield Stratford City: an Olympic Legacy to be proud of or ridiculous Temple to Consumerism?

Westfield Stratford City may have opened to great fanfare today, but I am not convinced that this vast temple to consumerism is the best legacy the 2012 Olympics could have left east London.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Westfield Development by Sniff Chatfield
Westfield Stratford City by Sniff Chatfield.

So, story amidst great fanfare the brand new Westfield Stratford City megamall was finally opened today, with the help of plenty of sheeny shiny celebrities: Nicole Scherzinger, Kelly Brook and erm, Boris Johnson. Yes, a bunch of loons queued for hours to get in and grab the hyped up First Day bargains, but what will be the reality of this huge shopping centre a few years down the line? I don't doubt that the 2012 London Olympics will bring big revenues as punters are forced through the Westfield shopping funnel in order to get to the games, but what then?

Westfield Stratford City by Sniff Chatfield
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