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Lace – Grandma’s Curtains or Fabulous Fashion?

Is lace, fashion's latest trend, best kept for granny's curtains? Or can you actually wear it, and if so, do it yourself? Stephanie Ellis finds out, and checks out ethical designer Minna, who's using lace to her advantage…

Written by Stephanie Ellis


Illustrations by Emma Black

In a genre steeped in tradition, seek Caitlin Rose springs forth like a breath of fresh air. Stripped down to the sweetest bare essentials, her voice rings clear and true, especially when she sings (at times wistfully, often defiantly) about heartbreak and failed relationships. Case in point: Learning To Ride, the opening track of her new album Own Side Now paints a painfully raw snapshot of a first love; "When I was young I used to ride the wild ones, they were lots of fun but they almost took my life. Now all I need is a simple steed, to take me where I need without putting up a fight."

But while she is a very much a modern girl; smart, opinionated and droll, she is never mocking of her beloved Country music. "I hate a lot of words" she declares in a short video bio of her; eyes shaded by Ray Bans as she stands in front of her place of work, Bobby's Dairy Dip. She runs through the words in question.... I hate the word "Indie", and I hate the word 'Contemporary'.... I hate a lot of words, but 'Country's' a word that I actually really like".

The popularity of her debut album, "Own Side Now" has meant that a few one off dates … read more

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