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London College of Fashion BA (Hons) Graduate Catwalk Show 2014

This year's LCF BA Graduate show had it all - from ethereal painted white sheets to coats made from nails. Here's a rundown…

Written by Matt Bramford

LCF BA Graduate Collection by Ruri Watanabe

A whole three weeks ago, while trying to wade through 10,000 London Collections: Men photographs and write up show reports, I went to another fashion show. The London College of Fashion hosted their BA collections two days after LC:M had finished (and I'd barely started). I knew that going was a bit silly, but I couldn't resist - each year the standard is so high and the collections are so unique. 'Bugger it' I thought, as I legged it to The Yard in Shoreditch, the venue for this year's show.

Twenty-six collections – many collaborations – is a bit of a challenge. At the LC:M menswear shows it's pretty much one idea translated 30-odd times, but here there were TWENTY SIX totally different, totally… read more

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London College of Fashion Ba Hons Graduate Catwalk Show 2013: Review part one

Part one of my LCF graduate catwalk show reviews: including swishing tinsel coats, Amish inspired beekeepers and beautiful puff sleeved dresses.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Rachel Greig tinsel coat by Emma Shoard. A few weeks ago I went to my first London College of Fashion BA Hons graduate catwalk show, and was duly blown away […]