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The Tipping Point – Your handy local eco-shop

A place where eco coffee mornings coincide with direct action training.

Written by Amelia Wells


Tipping Point is an info-eco-swap shop on Gillingham High Street, visit this which at first entrance resembles your Gran’s front room…if she’d taken a sudden interest in Climate change and decorated accordingly. We settled down on the squishy sofas and had a chat with Paul, one of the current proprietors brave enough to take themselves out of regular employment and set up shop. While I flicked through Paul’s ‘zine – ‘Holidarity’; an illustrated account of his time hanging out in activist camps drinking whisky and preventing deforestation – a local man came in asking about alternative power solutions for his recently acquired hunting lodge, saying “We need to get this renewable energy sorted out or we’re all going to be in a lot of trouble.” Took the words right out of our mouths, mate.


Tipping Point’s name is a dual reference to the need to… read more

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