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The Sounds of Ghost Folk: an interview with Samuel Mason of Die Man Die

Samuel Mason is the enigmatic singer behind Die Mason Die, purveyors of your finest Ghost Folk. Find out more here...

Written by Amelia Gregory

Die Mason Die by Daisy Steele
Die Mason Die by Daisy Steele.

Die Mason Die describe themselves as 'Making ghost like noises with bearded grins' and they are set to make major waves on the UK music scene with the release of new single You're Lonely, accompanied by a dreamy video featuring a little girl, metaphorical fish and exploding patterns of animated colour. You're Lonely perfectly showcases the woozy vocals of singer Samuel Mason, and it's a fine example of what they term Ghost Folk. I spoke with Samuel to find out more.


What prompted the creation of You're Lonely? Can you tell me the story of the tune...
I wrote You're Lonely at 17. It was a simple song written acoustically about the pendulum swing of dynamics in a certain relationship. I felt it had a lot of space to build a strong bed of textures and create a strong sense of character for each section. Our producer Bryan Wilson helped us to… read more

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