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Bloody Gray: London Fashion Week A/W 2013 Presentation Review

Weird and wonderful would be an understatement of the varied work on show at the Portico Rooms for Bloody Gray on Sunday 17th February, including collections by Jane Bowler, Barbara Alan, Bas Kosters, Tom Van der Borght and Jayne Pierson.

Written by Jenny Robins

Bloody Gray AW2013 by Gareth A Hopkins - Tom Van Der Borght
Tom Van Der Borght by Gareth A Hopkins

There was an epic queue for the Bloody Gray presentation in the Portico Rooms, presumably due to overenthusiastic distribution of the very attractive invites by Yasmina Hamaidia, I did the old go away and come back trick. Like they told me to. And walked in with no queue at all 20 minutes later. As can become the case when things claim to be ground breaking, there was a thin line between interesting and juvenile that, to my mind, some of the designers on show at Bloody Gray landed the wrong side of. Some of that ground has been broken many times before. But then far be it from me to discourage people from trying to be interesting of course, and interesting it definitely was.

bloody gray - lfw aw13 - Martina Spetlova 2read more

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