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London College of Fashion – Fashion Photography & Styling Graduate Show 2011

Some beautiful photographs from graduating Fashion Photography and Styling students at the London College of Fashion. But a very bizarre exhibition layout...

Written by Amelia Gregory

London College of Fashion degree show review 2011-Liam Warwick
Photography by Liam Warwick.

I was most bemused by the London College of Fashion's decision to create an exhibition labelled with nothing but numbers. So, pill lacking the requisite crib sheet I did what I always do: took photos of stuff I liked with the number to check up who was who later on. But then I got spotted by the security guards who made it their business to chase me around the basement at Victoria House. Which means that I didn't manage to grab shots of everything I liked… and I hope I've got my credits right. The LCF Showtime website is hellishly difficult to navigate…. Here's the best fashion photography from LCF this year.

London College of Fashion degree show review 2011-Ellie Sullivanread more

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