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Think Act Vote Interview Part Two

Amisha Ghadiali discusses the ideas behind Think Act Vote, why if 'politics was a brand no-one would wear it' and why at the end of the day it remains vital to vote.

Written by Sally Mumby-Croft

Photography by Dominic Clarke.

It's the day before the general election and the concluding part of Amelia's Magazine interview with Think Act Vote's Amisha Ghadiali. Tomorrow you have a chance to vote. Use it.

Why do you think if “politics were a brand, visit this online no one would wear it!”?

This statement is about Westminster politics, capsule in many ways the system we have is out of date for the world we are living in now. I don’t see people wanting to “wear” it as it is. This is why I really support the work of campaigns like Vote for a Change that focus their around how we can make the system work better for us.

How can fashion be used to engage people in Politics?

I think that fashion plays a key role in how we express ourselves and we use it to communicate things about ourselves… read more

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