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Clothes Moths: Little Agents of Mayhem

Sick of those little buggers that eat all your beloved clothes? Read on for some tips on how to deal with them...

Written by Lucy Wills

Illustration by Antonia Parker.

While we’re dreaming of floating across daisy strewn meadows in muslin, there are others who are concentrating their tiny minds on our winter clothing. As the weather warms up, we see more and more little silvery bronze moths flying about. These pretties have hatched after pupation – and a hedonistic youth as grubs, gorging with an often devastating effect on our woollen and silk treasures. Traditionally moth balls (camphor) have been used to keep moths away, but the strong odor and concerns about toxicity have led to us looking for more natural alternatives – or just crossing our fingers and hoping it won’t happen to us.

Illustration by Kimberley Dodsworth.
Although most of us have clean houses we no longer clean in the way our families used to. Spring cleaning used to mean taking everything out of our houses, and scrubbing… read more

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Climate9: Stopping Carbon Emissions at Source. So Who are the Real Criminals?

On the 14th June 2010 the Climate9 go to trial for their actions at Aberdeen airport in Scotland last year. Why should we give them our support? Read on...

Written by Amelia Wells

Donald Trump is behind the expansion of Aberdeen airport. Illustration by Kevin Bradshaw. When the words of the law and the actions of the Government contradict each other, it can […]

Stag and Dagger Festival 2010 Hits Shoreditch: A Review

Some wonderful bands, but Shoreditch does its worst. Read on for my highlights... and lowlights... of the Stag and Dagger 2010.

Written by Amelia Gregory

White Hinterland by Abigail Daker. Having picked up my two Stag and Dagger press passes, two booze vouchers and a free lighter – yeah! – my first port of call […]