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You Me Bum Bum Train in New Oxford Street, December / January 2011-2012: Review

The You Me Bum Bum Train experience is like no other.... here's my lowdown on what to expect from this intriguing participatory theatrical experience... plus news of how to get yourself a ticket for the extended run.

Written by Amelia Gregory

You Me Bum Bum train sign
Writing about You Me Bum Bum Train is hard work: for understandable reasons visitors, and especially pesky reviewers such as myself (a necessary but somewhat unruly mob) are asked very kindly at every opportunity not to give anything away about what happens on the 'ride'. And fair enough - once the element of surprise is removed some of the fun undoubtedly goes out of the Bum Bum experience. Even those who have been on previous trains are likely to have a very different experience to 'virgins' such as myself.

You Me Bum Bum train Game_Show_Flier
One of the fab You Me Bum Bum Train flyers, which are all designed by show creators Kate Bond and Morgan Lloyd.

Immersive participatory theatre is having something of a moment, with the likes of Punch… read more

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