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London College of Fashion – Fashion Illustration Graduate Show 2011

Some fabulous new fashion illustrators have just graduated from London College of Fashion: meet Viet Tran, Cheryl Windahl, Kelly Anne Sheppard, Rachel Wilkinson, Philip Dunn and more...

Written by Amelia Gregory

Viet Tran dog LCF Showtime
Fashion illustration by Viet Tran.

Touring the fashion illustration talent exhibition at the London College of Fashion Showtime degree show necessitated a bit of a cat and mouse chase in order to take photos without detection by the overzealous security guards who were convinced I was up to no good. I have no idea why… I just want to introduce the world to some great new fashion illustration talents.

London College of Fashion degree show review 2011-Rachel Wilkinson
London College of Fashion degree show review 2011-Rachel Wilkinsonread more

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