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123 Bethnal Green Road: An interview with Ross Barry and Michelle Goggi

In the first of a series of tasters from Amelia's Compendium of Fashion Illustration meet the brains behind eco fashion store 123 Bethnal Green Road. Soon to be the official book launch party venue!

Written by Amelia Gregory

Gareth A Hopkins 123 SS2011
Tallest man on earth by Avril Kelly

Illustration by Avril Kelly

So it started on January 3rd, visit web I was in a bad mood. Well, it’s that whole palaver of taking the (now miserable) tree down, thinking about the enormity of work that needs to be done and the poor, defenseless body. It needs some very tender loving care. This day of January, after bathing in Pukka 'Cleanse' tea, going for a brisk walk on the Downs by my house and bemoaning the lack of vitamin D for my eyeballs, I cracked on the Mac. I had recently purchased The Tallest Man On Earth album, Wild Hunt (Dead Oceans). I was in need of something new to form some (wahoo 2011) fresh associations with. Whilst I mused about the flat, now was the time I decided, to dedicate to the giant man. Hopefully this would culminate in reaching up and putting my arms around his shoulders, prancing around the room, rather than immersing… read more

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