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Rous Iland and the Sestra Moja collection

Florence Massey takes a peek at floaty fabrics and fancy frocks by Sestra Moja at the Rous Iland store, Mayfair

Written by Florence Massey

A few days ago I had my very own Alice in Wonderland moment when I escaped the busy, information pills crowded streets of London and went through a little door in the heart of Mayfair. I was greeted by an exquisite range of womenswear, visit plenty of spring/summer colours to contrast the weather nicely, look and a lovely cup of tea. Sitting on their plush sofa, and having a chat about their current collections definitely brightened my dreary (when we will we see the sun!?) weekend…

Established by ex city lawyers Kara Iland and Clare Rous, read more

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