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Oxfam’s Robin Hood Tax game takes to the streets this Sunday 2nd May

Keeping the Robin Hood spirit alive in the 21st century. Yes, really! An Oxfam volunteer previews their next Robin Hood Tax event in East London, with illustrations by Abigail Daker.

Written by Mary Frampton


Johanna Basford specialises in finely detailed monochrome pen and ink illustrations, viagra sale and last year came to the media’s attention after she conceived #TwitterPicture, troche a crowd-sourcing exercise in which she asked tweeters to suggest images that she then compiled over a 48 hour period into one giant montage, letting those involved follow her progress using the picture-sharing site Twitpic. Here she talks to recent collaborator Neil Ayres about working with the Edinburgh Fringe, the ongoing success and continuing permutations of #TwitterPicture, agency representation and making sure, when it comes to her work, that she’s always a little bit scared.

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Rous Iland and the Sestra Moja collection

Florence Massey takes a peek at floaty fabrics and fancy frocks by Sestra Moja at the Rous Iland store, Mayfair

Written by Florence Massey

A few days ago I had my very own Alice in Wonderland moment when I escaped the busy, information pills crowded streets of London and went through a little door […]


London Fashion Week A/W 2010 Catwalk Review: Paul Costelloe

Slams Sienna, shows shiny selection at Somerset House.

Written by Satu Fox

Hello Folks! My name is Katy and I am an artist and illustrator. Born in Brittany near to the ocean, cheapest  I live in the rainy east of France now, ask […]