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An Interview with Teenage Photographer Nirrimi Hakanson 

If you haven't already heard of Nirrimi Hakanson then prepare to be amazed. I caught up with the award-winning teenage photographer to discuss her high profile collaborations, her eternal love for writing and her thoughts on impending motherhood.  

Written by Sarah Deane

Sleeping Forest by Nirrimi Hakanson
All photography by Nirrimi Hakanson.

Hard work and determination are two of the words that first spring to mind when I think of Miss Hakanson: the young photographer known for her soft, dreamy portraits of young doe-eyed girls balancing on that line between childhood and womanhood. It’s Nirrimi’s knack for wistful, other-worldly imagery that grabs my attention; beauty and innocence are captured through skilful light and filtering, but nothing ever seems overdone.

2 Loud as Night by Nirrimi Hakanson
It was some time ago when I first discovered the works of 19-year-old Nirrimi Hakanson, yet each time I find myself clicking through her impressive portfolio of images, I continue to be blown away by her raw talent and keen eye for detail. The daughter of an Aboriginal artist and a Swedish-Australian hippie, Nirrimi has… read more

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