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Kotki Dwa introduce the video for new single Poison, created with Plastic Horse

Working in conjunction with animators Plastic Horse, Kotki Dwa have created a fabulous video to accompany new single Poison... featuring canaries, clowns, the rings of Saturn and more.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Poison_kotki dwa
Poison is typically and beautifully Kotki Dwa - a jaunty, melodic bounce fest of a song based upon the theme of Poison…. I asked singer Alex Ostrowski about the clever video which accompanies their new release.

What is your poison?
Pineapple Juice.. Ahhhhhhhh

What's going on in your new video? You've overlaid all sorts of interesting images. What effect were you hoping to achieve and how did you do this?
The song is quite all-over-the-place lyrically and we wanted to reflect that somehow. Our friends Plastic Horse made the video with us, they're pretty bonkers. We looked a lot at the old title sequence for Roald Dahl's Tales Of The Unexpected – brilliant. I suppose the video itself is kind of hallucinatory and poisoned, that's the idea. Bit delusional.

Kotki Dwa poison video ladyread more

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