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Fashion Business Club: Dolly Jones Interviews Laura Bailey

Model, now activist and spokesperson Laura Bailey chatted to Dolly Jones about the importance of sustainable ethical fashion and why shes not an ‘eco warrior’.

Written by Florence Massey

Illustration by Katie Harnett

Held at the Swarovski Lounge, information pills just off Regent Street, and myself and Amelia enjoyed the hour long talk between Dolly and Laura. Hosted by the Fashion Business Club, drugs it was the first eco talk FBC had ever had. Beginning with some general questions from Dolly about the whys and wheres she got involved, Laura was very realistic and frank about the current situation where sustainable fashion is concerned and the direction it needs to take. She also spoke very openly about her career as a model, and juggling working full time with being a mother: 'My system is chaos, I sometimes work all night as I don’t want to miss a football match, a ballet recital or anything'.

One of the main issues which cropped up was that ethical fashion is still struggling to find a place in the industry which placing it on an… read more

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